Rate Card

You as an independent contractor server will receive a percentage of the amount paid by the law firm or pro se party submitting the serve request. The amount the law firm or pro se party pays and your percentage depends on the serve speed selected by the law firm and the State where the documents are served.

Post Serve

Documents placed on door within 48 hours

Note: Bounty payouts are only paid upon successful completion of a serve as defined by the applicable court rules. A law firm may, in its sole discretion, determine that a serve was not completed successfully. Both the base and bounty payout are made for pro se serves regardless of success. Law firms and pro se parties pay 50% less for each additional serve at the same address. Bounty payouts are not paid for Post Serves. This rate card is subject to change at any time and you as an independent server can choose to stop accepting serve requests from law firms and pro se parties on the PROOF platform at any time.

Additional Payout Details