We make process serving painless

Experience faster serve management, reliable servers, and a transparent, trackable process.

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The New Way

Lighten your legal workload

We know how tedious and time-sensitive process serving can be. Proof opens you up to a national network of vetted servers and tracks everything online to make your life easier.

I am so much happier with the platform today, and honestly don’t have any real issues or concerns to share.

Halana Hiatt, Glade Voogt Lopez Smith

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Process Serving

Serve smarter across all 50 states, including territories

With Proof, the heavy lifting is all automated—you give us the information you have, and we fill in the rest.

Bulk Upload

Don’t go one-by-one. Input everything you’ve got and we’ll make the data actionable.

Proof automatically verifies addresses so servers are always headed in the right direction.

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Real-time Updates

Know who’s been served, when and where

Track attempts

See how many attempts have been made and evaluate details of each attempt to determine when a case can move forward.

Save Time & Effort

Save time & keep business flowing

Let Proof manage your serves for you.

Locate the closest server

We use geolocation to match your job with the closest server for faster response.

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Leverage comprehensive reports

Gather data on your serves in easy-to-read formats ready to be filed, exported, and shared on the go.

Process serving unlike anywhere else

key features
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Document AI

Save time on input with our smart AI that extracts information from your documents.

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Real-time updates

Get granular information on serves as they occur.

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Nationwide service of process

Firms that switch to Proof expand their capabilities to every state in the US.

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Live chat

Connect directly with your server through our live chat for instant answers on job progress.

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Star ratings

Let us know how your server performed to improve every job.

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Attempt verification

Every serve attempt with Proof is verified via notes, photos, timestamps, and geolocation.

I truly appreciate how awesome you are!!!

Julia Yeranossian, Paralegal at Franklin D. Azar & Associates

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Proof works with your workflow

Integrate Proof with your go-to case management tools or use our pre-built integrations like Salesforce and Clio.

Serve smarter with Proof

  • Vetted Servers
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Verified Live Updates
  • See pricing for your state