Simple pricing. No surprises.No more nickel-and-diming through hidden fees and mileage charges

Fast or really fast?


How it works

-You pay a Base Fee when the server completes 4 attempts
-You only pay a Bounty if/when the server is successful
-A post serve is a notice/documents placed on a door
-No bounty is paid for post serves


Is there a commitment?

There’s no commitment when you sign up for PROOF. Try us out for a few serves alongside your current provider – you’ll quickly see what you’ve been missing out on. First serve is free for law firms!

I'm a server, what's my cut?

PROOF has the highest payout % in the business. Our servers earn between 55% to 66.6% of a serve's gross revenue – for a $100 job (law firm's price), we pay our server $55 to $66.60!

What States is PROOF available in?

PROOF is available is all 50 States.