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Say goodbye to piles of paper, wave hello to your new career

In legal services, a lightened load is hard to come by. We’re redefining what it means to serve process, and you could help take our daring mission even further.

It takes me less than 3 minutes to create a job! Proof does it all. I don’t have to think.

Jorie Pepper, Coan, Payton & Payne, LLC

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We’re quiet revolutionaries

Everyone at Proof knows the importance of adhering to standards in the legal industry. But we also know how to make legal exciting.

Our Values

This is what we believe in

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You know what you have to do. Do it well.

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We get busy, but we handle it mindfully.

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For every idea that lights you up, pass on that light.

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Try to approach challenges in new and exciting ways.

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Cut out a word, cut out a step, seek smoothness.

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We can accomplish far more when we share.

This is where you come in

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We’ve got fantastic benefits

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Paid time off

Take care of yourself.

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Work from home

Get more done where you’re the most comfortable.

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Tend to your body with medical, dental, and vision coverage.

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Walk the dog

Take breaks with your fuzzy pal while working from home.

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Save on gas

Save on gas

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A banjo

There’s one in the office.

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