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PROOF makes service of process easy, trackable and verifiable. Gone are the days of dealing with unreliable process servers who offer no transparency. Our nationwide network of experienced, reliable and always local process servers are instantly available to you - all at the tap of a button.

PROOF's technology provides you with transparency, knowledge and peace of mind.

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Here's how it works:

1)Onboard in about a minute
2)Add your job through the admin portal in your browser
3)Real-time updates from your server
4)Pay bounty only upon success

Trusted by over 500 law firm users throughout all 50 states

PROOF’s Veracity™ technology was designed from the ground up to make service of process a painless experience for law firms and paralegals


PROOF provides GPS tracking of each serve, so you have verified proof in the courtroom that service was delivered properly. More proof means less risk that the serve will be challenged, and your default judgement vacated.


Real-time GPS tracking provides complete transparency at every step of the serve. You’ll know exactly when and where your serve was attempted and have direct contact with your server along the way. Upon completion, you’ll receive a notarized, electronic date-and-time stamped affidavit.


No more long delays for your service of process to be delivered. PROOF has eliminated the middle man so you can connect directly with well-qualified and experienced servers, available and ready to perform your serve the same day you request service.


Traditionally, servers are paid the same, small amount whether the serve was a success or a failure. Using PROOF, servers are paid generously - but only upon successful delivery of your service process.

Michael E, Attorney
The Evans Firm

"This company kicks butt - this is a one stop, seamless process that takes the disjointed struggle out of traditional process serving."

Jim W, Attorney
D&W Law Group

"Amazingly fast and accurate serves. PROOF's technology connects my documents to a local process server in seconds. I'm never in the dark with PROOF's real-time serve tracking. "

Jorie P, Paralegal
Coan, Payton, & Payne

"PROOF is easy to use and the results have been excellent!"

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