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Proven Occupancy and Delinquency Solutions

Proof is the go-to solution for property managers in need of serving notices to tenants with the industries most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective process servers.
Efficient & Swift

Serve tenant delinquency and eviction notices

Effortlessly serve delinquency, eviction, and legal notices to your tenants by simply uploading documents in Proof. Our platform ensures automated and efficient service delivery, while managing the entire process from serve-to-affidavit. Optimize your notice-serving operations with Proof.

Full Transparency

Real-Time Tracking of Occupancy Check and Tenant Violation Postings

Fastest Start & Completion Times

Serve tenants with delinquency and eviction notices in under two minutes

Initiate service with ease, whether you need to serve a single or multiple tenants. Simply upload your serve request and get the process started effortlessly.

Upfront PricingNo Hidden Fees

Proof streamlines service of process for more than 7,000 firms nationwide
Reliable & Verified

Reliable Occupancy Checks and Delinquency Notices Served

We ensure the qualifications and reliability of our process servers through thorough background screenings, personal interviews, and a demonstrated track record of extensive experience.
The ability to upload documents quickly and have full transparency into our cases has been a game-changer. We’ve seen a huge boost in tenant payment rates with Proof.

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Serving notices for the nation’s top property management agencies

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I like that I can track the progress of the service and that I receive email updates. I will be sure to use Proof when I have to serve again.”

Jennifer Duran, Colorado AG’s office after using Proof for the first time

Serve smarter with Proof

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