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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions
  • Can I pay my invoice with a credit card?

  • What is the expected timeframe for the initial service attempt to take place?

  • How will I know that the serve has been successfully executed?

  • Can Proof provide a witness check to the individual or entity being served?

  • How can I order a skip trace to locate an individual before uploading my job?

  • How does the affidavit (Proof) of service process work?

  • How do I sign up to use Proof?

  • Who can I call if I have questions about an invoice or specific charge on our account?

  • Can I cancel a serve?

    An amazing way to serve papers that I need served. I tell people that Proof is reliable, quick, and provides updates in real-time (I never received updates in real time before). Proof gets the job done. Makes my job easier.

    Jessica Baker - Shulman Rogers

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