Streamline Process Serving: The Benefits of Integrating Proof into Clio Manage for Legal Professionals

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The legal industry is constantly evolving, and technology is playing a critical role in streamlining processes and making the lives of legal professionals easier. A recent development in this direction is the integration of Proof, an innovative service of process platform, with Clio, the world's leading cloud-based legal technology. This integration is set to transform the way legal document delivery is done, providing lawyers with a one-stop solution for all their service of process needs.

Proof's Process Serving Integration is a Game-Changer for Legal Professionals Using Clio Manage

Proof is a legal technology company that has created a powerful web-based platform to instantly connect law firms with independent process servers nationwide. With this integration, the 150,000 legal professionals that use Clio can now access Proof's platform directly from Clio's legal practice management software, Clio Manage. This integration will provide law firms with a more efficient and seamless document delivery process, saving them time and money.

Serve requests can be created in seconds, and the process is straightforward. Legal professionals can use Proof to serve summons and subpoenas locally or nationwide, and they receive verified updates as the process unfolds. The ability to chat directly with the process server provides transparency and the ability to receive real-time updates. Once the document has been delivered, proof of service, invoices, and expenses are automatically stored in Clio.

By utilizing Proof or incorporating it into their Clio Manage instance, legal professionals significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their service of process operations. The following are several supplementary advantages:

  • Increased Productivity and Improved Workflow: The integration of Proof with Clio streamlines the document delivery process, reducing manual processes, and increasing productivity. Legal professionals can now manage the entire document delivery process within Clio, eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: With Proof's ability to chat directly with the process server, legal professionals can collaborate and receive real-time updates on their document delivery requests. This improved collaboration leads to better results and quicker resolution of legal matters.

  • Customizable Reports: With Clio's reporting capabilities, legal professionals can now generate custom reports that include data from both Clio and Proof. This enables firms to get a complete picture of their document delivery operations and make informed decisions.

  • National & Local Reach: Proof's platform connects law firms with independent process servers across the country, providing them with the ability to serve legal documents locally or nationwide. With this integration, legal professionals can expand their reach and deliver documents anywhere in the United States.

  • Security and Compliance: Both Proof and Clio are committed to providing top-notch security and compliance to their users. With the integration, legal professionals can be confident that their document delivery requests are being handled in a secure and compliant manner, reducing the risk of errors.

  • User-friendly Interface: Clio is known for its user-friendly interface, and with the integration of Proof, legal professionals can now access all the features they need in one central location. This makes the document delivery process easier and more intuitive for users.

Seamless Integration and Improved User Experience Enhances Service of Process Operations

The integration between Proof and Clio provides a seamless experience for legal professionals. Serve requests can be created in seconds, and the platform provides verified updates as they occur. This real-time information allows legal professionals to stay informed about the status of their document delivery requests and make informed decisions about their legal matters.

Once a document has been delivered, Proof's platform automatically stores proof of service, invoices, and expenses in Clio. This integration eliminates the need for legal professionals to manually transfer information between systems, improving their overall user experience and reducing the risk of errors.

Unlock the Benefits of Proof's Process Serving Platform with Cost-Efficiency, Streamlined Operations, Real-Time Email Updates, and In-App Communication Tools with Process Servers

According to Proof's Cost Savings Calculator, law firms can save an average of 1,800 hours in busywork and $81,000 in cost savings per year. In addition to these significant cost savings, firms can reallocate as much as $405,000 in annual billable revenue. These savings add up quickly, providing law firms with the ability to invest in other areas of their business, increasing their bottom line.


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Proof's founder and CEO, Eric Voogt, understands the pain points of the legal document delivery process. He notes that, “every step of the process was slow and manual, from providing the server with the subpoena or summons to wondering when attempts were being made and requesting updates. With Proof, the entire system is changed, and with Clio, the integration has an even greater capacity to expand how documents are delivered.”

Clio: The World's Leading Cloud-Based Legal Technology

Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management platform that streamlines law firm operations and improves productivity. It is approved by more than 90 bar associations and legal societies and provides industry-leading security and enhanced customer support. Clio's suite of products, including Clio Manage, Clio Grow, and Lawyaw, provide legal professionals with everything they need to manage their firm operations, streamline billing and payments, automate legal documents, and improve client experiences.

Clio's integration with Proof is a natural next step in providing its users with simple and efficient document delivery while they run their firms on Clio. This integration brings the convenience of Proof's platform directly into Clio, providing users with the ability to access the features they need in one central location.

Enhance Compliance and Minimize Risk with a Streamlined Document Delivery Process

In the legal profession, compliance and accuracy are critical components of any document delivery process. With the integration of Proof and Clio, legal professionals can rest assured that their document delivery requests are being handled in a compliant and accurate manner.

Proof's platform provides time and date-stamped proof that the document has been delivered, along with a notarized affidavit from the server. This information not only provides legal professionals with the confidence that their document has been delivered but also serves as evidence in the event of a dispute.

Transforming Legal Document Delivery through Innovation

The integration of Proof and Clio serves as a hallmark of the trajectory of legal document delivery. As technology continues to play a crucial role within the legal sector, it is imperative for legal practitioners to adopt cutting-edge solutions and optimize their processes. The integration of Proof and Clio presents a solution that not only enhances the efficiency of document delivery, but also yields substantial cost savings, allowing law firms to allocate their resources towards other areas of their operation. By offering a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective, it is poised to become the standard in the legal industry. This integration is a testament to the commitment of both Proof and Clio to staying at the forefront of innovation and providing top-notch solutions to legal professionals.

Elevate Your Service of Process Management with Cutting-Edge Legal-Tech, Trusted by Over 7,000 Law Firms If you're ready to embrace innovation and transform your legal document delivery process, now is the time to create a Proof account or add Proof to your Clio instance. Start maximizing your efficiency and cost savings today, and experience the future of legal technology.

Create a Proof account or Add Proof to your Clio instance now and join the revolution in legal document delivery. Get started today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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