A New Era of Process Serving in Florida: The Impact of HB 837 on the Legal Community

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A New Era of Process Serving in Florida: The Impact of HB 837 on the Legal Community

Florida's legal landscape has recently experienced a significant shift with the enactment of House Bill 837 (HB 837), a comprehensive tort reform legislation. This groundbreaking legislation is the most consequential tort reform in Florida since the early 2000s and has far-reaching implications for claimants, defendants, and insurers alike. As process serving experts, we at Proof understand the importance of keeping our clients informed about these changes and providing them with the best process server provider in the industry.

Proof: The Largest Network of Process Servers in Florida

As a leading process server provider in Florida, Proof offers the largest network of process servers, ensuring the fastest start and completion times. With our state-of-the-art platform, clients can easily serve one or thousands of servers at a time while receiving real-time status updates. By creating a Proof account, you will experience a new era of process serving designed to adapt and thrive in the rapidly changing legal landscape.

The Impact of HB 837 on the Legal Community

HB 837 ushers in a new era for Florida's legal community by modifying the state's comparative negligence system, establishing uniform evidentiary thresholds for damages in certain civil actions, and addressing issues related to attorney's fees, among other provisions. Key highlights of the bill include:

  1. Modified Comparative Negligence Standard: The bill replaces Florida's pure comparative fault system with a modified comparative fault system, in which claimants found to be at least 51% liable for an incident cannot seek reparation from the other party.

  2. Statute of Limitations: The statute of limitations for negligence actions is now reduced to two years, affecting causes of action accruing after March 24, 2023.

  3. Attorney-Client Privilege for Treating Physicians: Referral and financial relationships between plaintiff's personal injury firms and treating physicians are no longer protected by attorney-client privilege, leveling the playing field between claimants and defendants/insurers.

  4. Attorney Fees: Multipliers for attorney fees have been eliminated, and the Lodestar fee is now strongly presumed to be sufficient and reasonable.

  5. New Standards of Admissibility for Medical Damages: HB 837 introduces new evidentiary thresholds for proving past and future economic damages for medical costs in personal injury and wrongful death actions.

  6. Florida's Bad Faith Law: The new law mandates that mere negligence alone is insufficient to constitute bad faith in both statutory and common-law actions, while also imposing a duty on claimants and their attorneys to act in good faith.

  7. Protections for Apartment and Multi-Family Properties: Property owners and operators are now entitled to a presumption against liability in cases involving third-party criminal injuries on their property, provided certain security measures are in place.

Embracing the New Era of Process Serving with Proof

As Florida's legal community adapts to the changes brought about by HB 837, Proof remains committed to providing the largest network of process servers in the state, ensuring fast and efficient service. With our innovative platform, you can easily manage your process serving needs and stay up-to-date with real-time status updates.

Create a Proof account today and experience a new era of process serving tailored for the evolving legal landscape in Florida. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who trust Proof to handle their process serving needs.

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