Clio Integration

Serve Documents Nationwide in as Fast as 24 Hours with Clio

This is not your typical Clio integration - Proof's integration lives 100% within Clio. Serve documents without ever leaving Clio!

Get Instant Access to Proof in Clio and Receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card, and a Chance to Win AirPods Pro!

Key Benefits

Add Proof to your Clio instance

Create serve requests in seconds

Serve documents anywhere. Integrated with your Cilo documents & matter information – so no data entry is required!

Track progress in real-time

Receive updates and chat directly within your serve in real-time. Upon completion, your proof of service will be waiting for you in your Clio Documents!

Automatically reconcile expenses

Automatically reconcile your service of process invoices as an expense with Cilo. Your PDF reciept is also sent directly to your Clio Documents!

Never leave Clio

Send and manage your serve requests directly within Cilo in the Proof tab under all of your matters.

What will Proof do to your firm’s bottom line?


Hours saved per year


Cost savings per year


Annual reallocated billable revenue
* average based on 150 serves per month

Add Proof to Clio

Proof easily integrates with Clio Manage with just a click. Start serving documents without leaving Clio.

Nationwide service of process

Serve documents in all 50 states using the Proof network of process servers

Real-time updates

Receive real-time updates on your serves as they happen

Streamline process

Never leave the Clio portal to streamline service of process

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