The smarter way to serve documents

A single platform to save legal teams loads of time. Create serve requests across all 50 states and follow progress with live updates, keeping track of everything along the way.

Serving the nation’s top firms, agencies, and individuals

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Trusted by over 4,000 law firms and government agencies

We make process serving painless

Experience faster serve management, reliable serves, and a transparent, trackable process.

Lighten your legal workload

We know how tedious and time-sensitive the process of serving can be. Proof opens you up to a national network of vetted servers and tracks everything online to make your life easier.

Track jobs from your dash

Always have serves verified by geolocation and stay organized with live status updates as serves occur.

Know who’s been served, when and where

See how many attempts have been made and evaluate details of each attempt to determine when a case can move forward.

See where serves and attempts happen with exact GPS coordinates.
Communicate directly

Message your servers in real-time to stay on top of serves while they’re happening.
Real-time notifications

Get notified when the status of your job updates, without having to call or email.

Best-In-Class Legal-Tech Elevating Service of Process

Proof’s legal tech is the first platform to use both automation and AI to connect law firms with vetted, experienced, professional process servers anywhere in the US.