Fast or Really Fast?

Choose Standard, Expedited or Same Day service. Your serve is in good hands. 

  • Receive a time & date stamped notification after each serve attempt with the server's exact geo-location.

  • Directly call or text your server throughout the process.


Our Pricing:

PROOF's servers are incentivized to successfully complete your serve request. We never charge for mileage!

You pay a Base Fee when the server completes 4 attempts.  You only pay a Bounty if/when the server is successful.  No Bounty is paid for Posting Serves.**




  • 4 attempts over 7 days

  • No charge for mileage

  • Base Fee = $25

  • Bounty = $50*                       



  • 4 attempts over 72 hrs

  • 48 hr service for Post Serve**

  • No charge for mileage

  • Base Fee = $45

  • Bounty = $80* 


Same Day

  • First Attempt on Same Day

  • No charge for mileage

  • Base Fee = $75

  • Bounty = $150*

Law Firms: Your First Serve is Free!


* Paid on Success Only

**A Posting Serve is a notice/documents placed on a door. Bounty does not apply to Posting Serves.