Serve your papers without a lawyer. Individual DIY & Pro Se Service of Process? Let us help you serve your individual or small claims case.

No Lawyer? No Problem.

Send your case documents directly to a pro server and track the serve in real time.

The last decade has seen an increase in pro se litigants (individuals seeking to prosecute or defend their rights without an attorney). Lawyers can be expensive and are not required for you to proceed with your small claims, family court or divorce matter. Service of process is the delivery of your case documents to each person that you are suing or requesting to appear in court. It is a very important step in the litigation process. PROOF is an expert in service of process and we can help you serve your documents affordably, accurately and lawfully. PROOF's serve success rate is 98%*. If you are unsure about the validity of an address, we can help you locate a defendant that has moved or changed their workplace or place of residence.

*Success rate when PROOF has a valid address.

How it works

Individual DIY litigtion made easy

File forms with the court

Fill out the required forms from the court. Once you've signed the forms, take the original and your copies to the clerk of court's office for filing. The clerk will explain to you which documents must be served to the Defendant.

Scan your documents

Once your forms are filed with the court clerk, scan your forms into a PDF file format at your office, home or any FedEx Office location.

Sign up & add your job

Sign up here – it only takes a few minutes, no fees or obligations required. Once you're signed up, you'll fill out information relevant to your job. Once submitted, your job will be sent out to our network of servers and picked up by a process server local to you - usually within minutes!

Get updates as your job progresses

Every time your server makes an attempt, you'll receive a notification on your mobile device. When your documents are sucessfully served, our technology generates an Affidavit of Service with a map and time stamp of your serve - proof that the job was done!



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