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Collection Firms

How PROOF is different

PROOF’s leading edge technology has elevated every aspect of service of process. PROOF’s online platform is a complete tool to create and manage a large volume (or any volume) of serve requests from start to finish with customizable reporting functions. PROOF’s technology connects you to a network of servers nationwide, so you can create serves in any state, anytime, 24/7.

-Receive instant updates as attempts occur
-Geo-location mapping is used to verify all attempts
-PROOF’s Live Chat connects you directly with your server
PROOF can immediately increase your bottom line with:
-An industry-leading success rate on collection serves
-Faster serve completion, with an average of 5 days
-Saving in staff time and expenses

Why Collections Firms Choose PROOF

97% - Commercial Collections Serve Success Rate
Bulk Importing - Create 1000’s of serve requests in minutes
Bulk Exporting - Retrieve batches of data on completed serves & affidavits

High Volume

PROOF’s platform empowers you with features built specifically for the collection industry.


PROOF’s Live In-Job Chat instantly connects you to your server and a PROOF admin.


PROOF’s GPS mapping of each attempt means you have verified proof in the courtroom that service was delivered properly.

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