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Hey Rania- I wanted to share our custom calculator, which demonstrates how much Proof can save your firm on service of process.
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$35 K
$150 K
Hours saved:
Annual paralegal cost savings:
Annual reallocated billable revenue:

Best-in-class legal-tech elevating Service of Process

Proof's legal-tech is the first platform to use both automation and AI to connect law firms with vetted, experienced, professional process servers anywhere in the US.

Speed & Efficiency

Time saved, results in more revenue earned.

We enable law firms with the ability to remove thousands of hours in redundant tasks annually.

Serving the nation’s top firms, agencies, and individuals

Real-time Updates

Know who’s been served, when and where

Track attempts

See how many attempts have been made and evaluate details of each attempt to determine when a case can move forward.

Save Time & Effort

Save time & keep business flowing

Let Proof manage your serves for you.

Locate the closest server

We use geolocation to match your job with the closest server for faster response.

Businesses depend on Proof

The platform is great, just what I was looking for in a process serving company and online portal. Proof has moved into my “go-to” process serving company. Thanks!”

LeighAn M. Jaskiewicz, Paralegal & Administrative Specialist at Darling Milligan PC

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Serve smarter with Proof

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  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Verified Live Updates
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